12 November 2009

Blackwelder Family Dinner 10/11

OK yes I know what day it is, and it's taken me far too long to get this up & I am sorry to those that have been waiting....but here it is! On the side bar to the right there is a link to the photos taken at the big dinner, so go check them out & feel free to make comments in the album to name who you know. As for the dinner, I would have to say it was a huge success! There were about 80 or so people there in total from our immediate Dan Blackwelders Crew, Clayton's gang, Tavey's gang & Charlotte's Trio! Sorry gang just doesn't fit there are only 3 of them in total. :) The funny thing is that I always knew we had a LARGE group of relatives but I am still amazed at how suprised I was by the number of those in attendance whom I had no earthly clue of who they were. Never the less it was fun to see & chat with everyone there, I don't think I was the only one a bit overwhelmed @ the faces I didn't know or remember. A big thanks to those who could make it & visit, and I wish we would have had more come. Even though the group was pretty big, there are several more families not represented, not to mention other famiy members who weren't able to attend. Thanks to Gretchen for sharing photos she took as well! Thank you's to Jon, Gerry, Charlyn & Lorna for putting it all together! Enjoy the pictures!

29 September 2009

Family Get Together : October 11th

Aunt Charlyn asked if I would post this Invite to all the family. In hopes you would all be able to attend and requests you would make a special effort to be there. She also issued a Uno or Rook challenge to any & all who might be up for it! Anyone........Anyone??????? It is high school reunion time for Lorna, Gary Blackwelder, and Charlyn (actually Curtis). They will be here in Orlando for October 10th and are planning a family get together for Sunday night October 11th from 5-7:00 pm at the Apopka Ward building. I know Lorna is inviting all her siblings as well as Aunt Myrt, Mary Francis, Wayne, Larry, Mark, Glenda, Beverly, etc. We are also hoping many from the next generation will come, i.e. Brooke, Nolan, Scott (Pope and Wood), Garrett, Gretchen, Barry, Lukas, Nicole, Tammy, Matt, Michael, etc. Please call anyone you have a phone number for so they will get the word. Everyone will bring a meal for their family and we will put it all together for a pot luck. It will be just eat and talk which we should be able to do for two hours with no trouble at all! Hope you can all come as well as any family that is in the area. Please notify your own family members and please let Gerry or Jon or Charlyn or Lorna know if you are coming so we will have plenty of drinks and tables. Thanks and see you soon!

12 May 2009

House Fire in Utah - Chad Blackwelder

Chad Blackwelder is living in Utah with his mom, Leah & her family. They had a grease fire go out of control. They were lucky to get out unharmed, for the most part, but the house is completely ruined. Below is a note he wrote about the incident. Please keep them in your prayers and there is a link for a family fund below if you can help. Glad you're OK Chad! Hugs! -Leigh "Well, It's a goner. A $400k loss, and that's just the house and the property it sat on. We lost everything in the fire. Grease fire from hell. It took, American Fork, Highland/Alpine, Lehi, and Pleasant Grove firefighters just to put the fire out. 3 trucks total, and about 20 firefighters. When we went back the next day, even though it had rained all night... my room was still glowing bright orange. A neighbor called the fire dept. again, and they came to knock more walls down to put the rest of it out. Luckily I was at my girlfriends house when it happened, and had packed a backpack full of 3 days worth of clothes. It is now, all I have to my name. Tom (Step-Dad), almost died twice from trying to contain the fire (he emptied a full extinguisher and 2 boxes of baking soda on it), and my Mom (Leah) got the dogs out ok (Jax and Maggie May). I guess it was meant to burn. Our dogs were locked in the truck by a police officer till My brother Sam and I got there to pick them up... while our parents were taken to the American Fork hospital for smoke inhalation. It was all over the news the night of April 24th, 2009, a day I will never forget. I have posted links on my Facebook account (one video link and one a photo gallery of the house burning to the ground from KSL news channel). I will be walking through the house making a film either today or tommorrow just to show the amount of devastation that occured, and will post those as well, as soon as I can. Also, a neighbor has put a blog together for donations or anything that can help us rebuild what we lost... so check it out and tell your friends and family about it. http://www.highlandhousefire.blogspot.com/." Just glad to be alive I guess. Daniel Chad Blackwelder

05 May 2009

New BuzzLetter

Well it's been posted and it looks as though we've had lots of visitors, so tell me what you think!!!!!!!!! Post a comment! Hope you enjoy it!

07 April 2009

Please Bless Aunt Gerry!

Keep Aunt Gerry in your prayers. She's had some recent health issues, and although she's doing well, she's not done and will need prayers and support. Drop her a line a let her know how much you love her! I know she'll appreciate it & I can't think of a better way for you to help from wherever you may be! If I think of something, I'll let you know! Love you Aunt Gerry!

11 March 2009

Ginny & Chris got Hitched!

Ginny Pope became Ginny Johnson on Saturday, March 7th. A great time was had by all & a big thank you to those of you who could come & share the occasion with us! Her new mother-in-law, Sharon, put this together & it was too nice to not be shared....so enjoy!
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24 February 2009

"I Hope they Call me on a Mission"....They Did!

Hannah Blackwelder got her mission call!! Salt Lake City Utah Mission :) She will report April 15th, so Ginny's wedding will probably be the last time we'll get to see her for a while. She's not too sad about that though...She gets to be a missionary, so that makes up for it!