12 November 2009

Blackwelder Family Dinner 10/11

OK yes I know what day it is, and it's taken me far too long to get this up & I am sorry to those that have been waiting....but here it is! On the side bar to the right there is a link to the photos taken at the big dinner, so go check them out & feel free to make comments in the album to name who you know. As for the dinner, I would have to say it was a huge success! There were about 80 or so people there in total from our immediate Dan Blackwelders Crew, Clayton's gang, Tavey's gang & Charlotte's Trio! Sorry gang just doesn't fit there are only 3 of them in total. :) The funny thing is that I always knew we had a LARGE group of relatives but I am still amazed at how suprised I was by the number of those in attendance whom I had no earthly clue of who they were. Never the less it was fun to see & chat with everyone there, I don't think I was the only one a bit overwhelmed @ the faces I didn't know or remember. A big thanks to those who could make it & visit, and I wish we would have had more come. Even though the group was pretty big, there are several more families not represented, not to mention other famiy members who weren't able to attend. Thanks to Gretchen for sharing photos she took as well! Thank you's to Jon, Gerry, Charlyn & Lorna for putting it all together! Enjoy the pictures!

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